$12.99 / month for 6 months

The ultimate subscription for the true-blue vixen. This curated subscription set includes our favorite XPrecision Lips Glam Red, the Award Winning Night Repair Oil (every vixen has got to do lip repair… after all that partying), and our Boldllicioius Deep Choco, one of the boldest colors we have in our range… and many others. Have fun with this one. Within this six month subscription, you will have all it takes to be a true vixen! Meow!

What you get in this subscription:

1 Boldlicious HD Reddest Rose
1 Boldlicious HD Deep Choco
1 XPrecision Lips Glam Red
1 XPrecision Lips Coral Magic
1 Night Repair Oil
1 Lip Brightener Red Mist